Scope Reticle Information






1.5-8x26 35mm Tactical FFP Mil - Circle-dot X1 illuminated reticle.

The reticle grid is in 1 Mil and 1/2 Mil. 

The center dot is 0.1 Mil and the circle is 2 Mil in diameter. Both illuminate in bright orange.

At 1.5x the circle gets very tight around the center dot and both form a bright illuminated reticle center that is very fast and easy to aim with.

The reticle in this image represents the image through the scope at 4x. 

At 8x the reticle would be more open and at 1,5x would be tighter and finer.  




The MP-8 dot Mod reticle design is available for the following scope models: 

-2.5-10x42 30mm FFP Tactical illuminated 

-3-18x42 35mm FFP Tactical nonilluminated

-3.5-18x50 35mm Tactical FFP illuminated

The reticle grid is in 1 Mrad and 1/2 Mrad per space. The center dot is 0.1 Mrad and illuminates in red.

In the 3.5-18x50 model, illumination is on the center dot and all thin lines.




The MP-8 Xtreme X1 MIL tactical reticle is available for the following scope models:

3-18x42 35mm FFP Tactical illuminated

3.5-18x50 35mm FFP Tactical illuminated

1-10x26 35mm SFP Tactical LTS illuminated

6-24x56 35mm FFP Tactical illuminated

4-28x50 Recon 40mm FFP Tactical illuminated

The reticle grid is in 1 Mrad and 1/2 Mrad per space. Center dot is 0.1 Mrad and illuminates in red.







The MP-8 Xterme X1 MOA illuminated reticle is available in the following scope models:

6-24x50 35mm Tactical SFP MOA

3.5-18x50 35mm Tactical FFP MOA

3-18x42 35mm Tactical FFP MOA

6-24x56 35mm Tactical FFP MOA

5.8-40x56 40mm Crusader Tactical FFP MOA

12-52x56 40mm Terminator Tactical SFP MOA



36x42 30mm Competition/Benchrest BR-8 MOA

9-36x44 35mm SFP non illuminated reticle

The reticle grid is in 1 MOA increments. The center dot is 1/8 MOA.




- Center dot is 2 MOA @ 100 yds.

- Half circle diameter is 10 MOA @ 100 yds.

- Distance from center dot to horizontal lines ends is 10 MOA @ 100 yds.

- Lines under the center dot are spaced for BDC on the .223 62gr. bullet trajectory to 800 yds.

- Lines width measures a shoulder width of 21" @ the respective distances.




QR-TS 3x25 CQB Reticle

Center Dot is 2 MOA. Inside edge to edge of the Horseshoe is 10 MOA @ 100yds. Outside edge to edge Horseshoe is 18 MOA @ 100 yds. Horizontal lines are 2 Mils apart. Ranging a 10" target: inside edge to edge of horseshoe is 10" @ 100 yds; center dot to inside edge of horseshoe is 10" @ 200 yds; 300 yds is first circle on left (with #3 under it) and 400 yds is the last circle. Red illumination.



German 4A Reticle

The 4a reticle is a German classic.  The difference between the standard #4 and 4a is any 4a reticle has a wider opening in the center utilizing the thin lines. Great for low light, our 4a has thin lines of .25 moa and thick bars of 1 moa @ 100yds. Available for the following models:

4x32 1" Hunting, 6x42 30mm Hunting,1.1-4x26 30mm Hunting.


German 4A Dot Reticle

Our 4a dot reticle features a dot sized .5 moa @ 100yds. The illumination lights the dot in red color, and the subtension of the lines is the same as our 4a reticle above. Excellent for very low light hunting and a best seller. Available in the following models:

1.1-4x26 30mm Hunting, 1.5-8x26 35mm Hunting, 4-14x56 30mm Hunting


7A Reticle

Our basic hunting plex type reticle, 7a has a wide open center with thin lines of .25 moa @ 100yds and heavy bars of 1 moa @ 100yds. Available in the following models:

4x32 1" Hunting, 6x42 30mm Hunting


CQB-BDC Reticle

Our best selling Close Quarter reticle.  Line thickness is .5 moa @ 100yds on max power. Dot diameter is 2 MOA @ max power, inside horseshoe is 10 MOA, outside horseshoe is 16 MOA @ max power.  Reticle was designed for a 62gr fmj 5.56 NATO projectile for holdover, but it works also with a .308 Win. 147gr-155gr, or the 6.8 as well. Tick marks width represents 21" shoulders tip to tip and taper to 800 yds for quick ranging. Super bright orange illumination. Available in the following models:

1.1-4x26 30mm CR-T Tactical

1.5-8x26 35mm Trident Tactical

2-12x36 35mm Spartan Tactical


M-Series CQB

This reticle features 15 Mil lines for ranging or holdover and has a center dot of 2 MOA. Inside horseshoe is 10 MOA and outside is 18 MOA @100 meters. A 10" target ranges as follows: 100 m is edge to edge inside horseshoe; 200 m is center dot to inside edge; 300 is first circle marked "3", and 4, 5, and 6 are the smaller circles as you move to the right.  These scopes are true BDC cam for either .223 or .308. Red illumination.



HR-5 Reticle

Since introduction in late 2007, our HR-5 reticle has taken over the hunting market. Years of research lead us to this design which has an illuminated center dot with 10 MOA of holdover/ranging lines @18x and a scale at the bottom that measures a 20" brisket from200-800 yds. Bracket your deer, elk, coyote, etc and use the lines for holdover. Once you know your trajectory it is as fast as it is easy. To use the lines as Mils and 1/2 Mils, set the power @10x. The scale will measure a 24" brisket @ 10x. Several record animals have been taken between 450 and 800yds with this new design. Available in the following models:

2.5-10x56 30mm Hunting

4-14x56 30mm Hunting

3-18x42 35mm Tactical


MP-8 Reticle

The most copied reticle on the market. In 1995 we decided to offer a Mil reticle with hashmarks (tick marks) instead of big dots or football dots. Also, we added 1/2 Mil hashmarks in between, removed the thick bar at the bottom of the image, added 10 more hashmarks and the rest is history. Fine lines are .05 mils thick, heavy lines .5 mils thick. This original is available in the following models:

6x42 30mm Tactical

10x42 30mmTactical

16x42 30mm Tactical

10x56 30mm Tactical

2.5-10x42 30mm Tactical nonillum.


MP-8 Dot Reticle

We upgraded our standard MP-8 with a .25 MOA dot in the center for greater precision. This reticle is the most requested reticle in our line and is hard to beat. Same Mil and 1/2 Mil lines (spaces) as the original, it illuminates in red and continues to dominate the target/tactical market. In higher magnification scopes, the shooter has the choice to set the scope at higher magnification levels to make the lines 1 MOA each instead of Mil and 1/2 Mil. (3-18x42, 6-24x50, 9-36x56, etc). Try it and you won't use anything else. Available in the following models:

2.5-10x42 30mm Tactical illum

2-12x36 35mm Spartan

4-14x50 30mm Tactical illum

9-35x56 35mm Tactical illum.


Nato Style Reticle

Also known as our MP-9, this reticle is available in our M-Series of scopes. The center dot is 1 moa @ 100m and the scale represents 36" from 200-800.  From the center dot to any heavy bar is 36" @ 100m. Red illumination.


VRM Reticle

Designed by a professional Varmint shooter, this reticle features a 1/2 MOA center dot illuminated in red, 10 tick marks in 1 Mil and 1/2 Mil for ranging /holdover @ 10x power or 10 tick marks of 1 MOA each @ 18x power. 3 Heavy bars that taper to a point and stop 1 MOA from center dot. Verical tick marks on the windage plane are 2 moa from center dot, for windage compensation. The deep dish view at the bottom is great for glassing without busy lines in the way. Deadly accurate, it only comes in our 3-18 x 42 35mm SFP PRECISION HUNTING SCOPE.