Optolyth 30x WA (wide angle) Mrad reticle Eyepiece

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Our 30x WA-R eyepiece was designed for the professional hunter and long range precision shooter. The rangefinding reticule, facilitates precise range estimation in the field and also, quick trajectory correction calls by the spotter, in relation to point of impact achieved. The reticule "GRID" if you will, is designed in Mils and 1/2 Mils increments for maximum precision. It has 15 mils of elevation markings and 20 Mils of windage markings: 10 Mils to the left and 10 Mils to the right. The upper half of the image was purposly left open, to offer a clear and unobstructed view.

The image size looking through this scope is magnificent. Field of view is huge and the clarity is razor sharp. Total viewing comfort with no eye fatigue even after hours of use.

Takes this spotting scope to a different level. Outstanding quality!

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