Where are your scopes, binoculars, or spotting scopes made?
All rifle scopes are made in Romania. All spotting scopes come from Optolyth, Germany and are 100% Made in Germany. Some of our binoculars are made in Germany, (Optolyth, Jena/Docter), some are made at IOR in Romania, the TRX and Hunters series come from Hong Kong. We import our rifle scopes glass and illumination circuits from Schott, Germany, HP Germany but we make everything else under one roof, at IOR.  We cut, grind, polish and coat our own lenses unlike 98% of our competitors. We make our own tubes and do not use assemblies made in other countries. We know with certainty who we deal with on a daily basis. We control 100% of our manufacturing on our riflescopes, and that is why our standard of quality is apparent in each model we bring to the market. The TRX and Hunters binoculars as well as the 2 red dot sights, are imported from Hong Knog and closely inspected and tested before delivery to the customer.

Who makes your glass?
All our glass in all our rifle scopes is made by SCHOTT GLASSWERK in Germany. All our scopes feature etched reticles. 

Who makes your bases and rings?
The vast majority of our rings, AR accessory rails and bases are US made, in steel 4140 and alloy 7075 and 6061.

What shipping restrictions do you have?
Valdada Optics can only ship products within the United States of America. This includes riflescopes, bases, rings, mounts, and technical information pertaining to such items.

What torque specs do you have for your rings and bases?
Valdada Optics recommends 15 INCH POUNDS for our ring caps. Our heavy duty V-Tac rings with 1/2" nuts or 7/16" nuts can be tightened to 55-65 INCH POUNDS on picatinny platforms but that is a MIL-SPEC standard and not necessary for standard applications. Usually after the nuts are finger tight, additional force of about 90 degrees is more than enough to hold your rings to your bases. Standard hand pressure is enough with our QD style lever rings.

What size wrenches are required for your bases and rings?
Most everything we use for rings and bases has a T15 torx style head. 

Can I change the reticule in my scope?
Valdada Optics does not currently offer this service.

What is the turn around time for repairs?
This question has several answers. It is always good to check with Valdada Optics (682 224 5865) BEFORE you send in your optic for repair. Many times, trouble shooting over the phone solves a problem and shipping costs to you are avoided. If the optic requires service, package it well and ship it in with an explanation of your problem. If the parts are on hand, turnaround time is usually within 14 business days if the weather permits range time and testing. 

Who fixes your binoculars?
All binoculars made in Romania can be fixed by: Koehler Optics, attn. HERB KOEHLER, PO BOX 6313, Libertyville, IL. 60048. If your binoculars are German please contact us so we can advise you on the proper course of action.

How do I change my battery and what size is it? 
All our batteries are 3 volt 2032 lithium you can find anywhere. If you look at the illumination knob, it will be split in two and you hold the part with the numbers still while rotating the cap. ZERO (0) is the off position and 7 is the brightest. Some models have 11 positions or digital illumination as well.

Why is my reticule off to one side?
Our M-series of tactical scopes and our 3x25 QR-TS scopes feature non-centered reticules. As you move the reticule, it physically moves inside the scope as there is no erector tube moving. It is a non centered reticle design and is normal to have it sit slightly out of center. This system is an old military design and has proven to be incredibly durable in combat situations. 

How do I re-zero my tactical knobs? 
Please see our page on setting your tactical knobs to zero. Hunting scopes feature low profile knobs and they do not have the re-zero feature. 

What warranty do I get if I buy a used scope? 
All our scopes come with a limited lifetime warranty (please read that page). The warranty will follow the scope as long as the appropriate owners certificate does as well. Many times a scope will be damaged by a user and the scope turns up on an auction website and the buyer is unaware of damages. The warranty does not cover user abuse. Our technicians can tell what went wrong so honesty is your best policy if you buy a used scope and need repair work. Generally, we do not encourage used scopes purchases, unless you are familiar with the seller.