34mm "Rx Ninja" QD premium mount 0 MOA or 25 MOA

RX Ninja 6 mount
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True meaning of the term "quick detach", Rex of Rex reviews, nicknamed it the "Ninja mount" because of its speed, accuracy and simplicity. This mount allows the shooter to remove and re attach a scope in a couple of seconds. Made of hardened steel, it is assured to be as accurate in 10 years as it is as new. Also allows moving the same scope to multiple rifles, using 1 set of rings and 2 or more bases.

The Rex Ninja mount is very slick and the weight is quite moderate for a steel mount.

Available for 1913 picatinny receivers, Remington 700 and Mauser 98 actions, the mount base is available in 0, 25 or 45 MOA. The rings available are 30mm, 34mm, 35mm and 40mm diameter.

Speed, accuracy and reliability.

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